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zawory kulowe KLINGER Ballostar® KHA

zawory kulowe KLINGER Ballostar® KHA

Indywidualne rozwiązania dla Twoich aplikacji.

A wide range of types due to the modular construction system characterises these 3-piece ball valves.
Three kinds of connections, six types of sealing elements and three stuffing box designs ensure that KLINGER Ballostar KHA ball valves are suitable for many different operating conditions and applications.

Product Advantages KHA ball valves

  • Maintenance-free
  • Supports pressurization on both side
  • Bidirectional flow
  • Ball with a cylindrical full bore
  • Unique pre-stressed and elastic sealing system
  • Bidirectional sealing in accordance with EN 12266 – leakage rate A
  • Modular selection of system components
  • Serviceable without removal from the line
  • Antistatic design in accordance with ISO 7121 / EN 1983
  • Subsequent automation possible at any time (top flange in accordance with EN ISO 5211)

Special types KHA ball valves

  • Metal seat (up to +400 °C) for abrasive media
  • Operating stem sealed by O-rings
  • Operating stem extension
  • Oxygen version (oil, grease and silicone-free)
  • Cryogenic version (down to -196 °C)
  • Fire-Safe version
  • Vacuum version
  • Gas version

Katalogi do pobrania

Poniżej możesz pobrać katalog zaworów kulowych Ballostar KHA oraz broszurę informacyjną na temat ich producenta - KLINGER Fluid Control.

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